The Chocolate

Chocolate is naturally gluten free, and we’re careful never to add anything containing wheat or gluten. However, it is made in an environment where gluten-containing products are also made, so we don’t recommend it for celiacs as we can’t 100% guarantee no cross-contamination.

Yes, all of the ingredients we use are organic.

Absolutely! It contains no animal products whatsoever.

Yes, Viva Koko contains absolutely no dairy products

No, many of our flavours contain nuts. Some flavours such as sea salt, chilli, sea salt, peppermint and orange contain no nuts and will be fine for those with mild allergies, however since these are made in the same environment as the nut flavours, we don’t recommend Viva Koko for those with severe allergies.

Viva Koko is sweetened with Coconut Palm Sugar and Lucuma. These contain have a lower glycaemic index than ‘regular’ sugar so it can be a better option for some diabetes sufferers. However, we recommend you check the nutritional information here and make an informed decision about whether our chocolate will be suitable for your particular condition.

The cocoa we use is from the Dominican Republic.

Your payment to us will be shown as “Viva K” on your credit card or bank statement.


Keep the chocolate away from direct sunlight and out of extreme hot or cold temperatures (including the fridge!) or extreme aromas.

Dark chocolate keeps for around 6 – 12 months. We find that Viva Koko is at it’s best when it’s consumed within four months. Check the individual bars’ sleeves for best before date.


We use first class Royal Mail.

Delivery for subscribers is free, however it costs £1.99 delivery for one-off purchases

Not at the moment. We can do occasional international deliveries on special request. This will be at an additional charge to the customers. Please email sarah@vivakoko.com if you would like to enquire about international delivery.

We aim to send out the monthly subscription boxes on the first or third week of the month (depending  on when you order).

We only take returns if there is a problem with your box. If your chocolate didn’t arrive in perfect condition please send a photo to sarah@vivakoko.com and we’ll arrange a return/refund and do what we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Log into your account on the Viva Koko website and amend your details there.

Please email sarah@vivakoko.com and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem and make sure you get your chocolate as soon as possible.


You will be charged when you order, and the repeat payments will be taken on the anniversary of this date each month

We accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards.

Log into your account on the Viva Koko website and amend your details there.

Log in to your account on the Viva Koko website and update your payment details. If you pay successfully before this month’s dispatch date, there should be no break in your subscription. Don’t worry if you miss the dispatch date, we’ll still send it out, it might just arrive at a slightly different time of the month than usual.

When you click ‘check out’ there is an option to apply a discount code – enter it here.


You’ll get 10 miniature (26g) bars of chocolate. These will be three or four different flavours.

No, you’ll receive three or four different flavours to try each month. Currently we have 10 flavours, so you’ll receive some of the flavours you have already tried after a few months. However, we will periodically introduce new flavours for you to try.

We do offer the option to buy just one box – an ideal option if you want to give Viva Koko as a one-off box. Press the ‘order now’ button to find this.

Log in to your account on the website, and find the option to cancel. You’ll need to let us know 7 days before this month’s payment is due.

If you want to take a break from your subscription, email sarah@vivakoko.com and let us know how long you would like to pause your subscription for and we’ll arrange it. You’ll need to let us know 7 days before this month’s payment is due.

Still have a question? Email sarah@vivakoko.com and we’ll answer it as soon as we can.